Reuben! Bring the Blanket


Sonic Art / Research

A strange disembodied head or extraterrestrial entity drifts in on the tide from the sea. Passing through walls, collecting peoples conversations, floating through lecture theaters and past buskers on the street. A mix of foreign voices and quintessentially British isms; audio snippets from the past and present and ghosts from a forgotten era bubble up through this unusual and at the same time familiar sound world.

‘Reuben! Bring the blanket’ is a sound composition for radio, based on the Sonic Sculpture of the same name commissioned for The Bournemouth Arts by the sea festival 2012. It is comprised recorded, found and excavated sounds, compiled to express Bournemouth through an evocative sonic landscape.

The title of the piece, a sound-bite taken from a mothers demands to a protesting child recorded on Bournemouth beach, seemed to fit as a flag to the stereo-typification that may distract us from the vivid, complex and undiscovered world just beyond our awareness.